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Why do I need Personalized Vitamins

Last updated October 12, 2022

Mass-market vitamins are designed with a “one-size fits-all” approach, which has consistently failed in the past. These generic multivitamins do not take into account any of our inherent biological differences, which directly influence our nutrient needs. Your genetics matter. Your blood status matters. Your lifestyle habits matter.

In fact, our research shows that, on average, if you take 20 different vitamins and minerals (i.e. a standard generic multivitamin):

  • One will be harmful
  • Two will have no effect
  • The rest will be incorrectly dosed.

Differences in lifestyles, current nutrient blood levels, and genetics (your DNA) all play a role in the types and dosages of vitamins and supplements that will work best for YOUR unique body. We take this all into account when analyzing your data and creating a truly personalized multivitamin.

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