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Other Brands vs. Rootine

Last updated October 12, 2022

The differences are dramatic. We are the industry leader because we use more data to customize, our approach is fully science-backed, and our microbead delivery system provides precise dosing and optimal absorption.

Other "Custom" Vitamin Brands: Most other companies solely use a lifestyle quiz to select pre-made, single-nutrient pills to go into your daily pack. While better than the mass-market “one-size-fits-all” approach, it is not enough. This method lacks important data and dosing precision. Without contact from DNA and/or blood data, lifestyle data can provide misleading information about your true nutrient needs. These brands are also stuck to static nutrient doses. If their lifestyle quiz identifies that you need a nutrient, you get the same dose that everyone else receives,. This may not be the precise amount that you need.

Rootine: More data equals more precision. To create a complete picture of your nutrient needs, we analyze your DNA, current blood nutrient status, and lifestyle data. Each data point is incredibly valuable on its own and even more useful when used to provide context to the other data points. We calculate and provide the exact dosage (down to the microgram) for each vitamin and mineral in your pack, by adding single microbeads at a time.

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