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What are the benefits of microbeads?

Last updated October 12, 2022

Microbeads enable us to mix any micronutrient formula quickly and accurately.The nutrients encapsulated by the microbeads are better protected from oxygen and remain stable for longer periods of time compared to liquid preparations or powdered forms.

Absorption: Microbeads provide optimal nutrient absorption using a slow-release format. Nutrients are delivered throughout the day in small doses, in comparison to a large dose all at once seen in most form factors.

Nutrient interaction: The microbead system also prevents issues related to contraindicated nutrients (e.g. calcium and zinc) due to time and spatial nutrient separation. For example, calcium and zinc use the same uptake channels during absorption. When large amounts of these nutrients are introduced into the intestine at one time (common with dietary supplements) the uptake channels are overwhelmed and absorption is negatively affected.

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