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How do I take microbeads?

Last updated October 12, 2022

Taking microbeads is easy once you get the hang of it. You have two options:

  1. With Water - First, tear off the small white strip from the pre-cut notch. Next, cup your tongue to catch the microbeads and pour about half of the packet onto your tongue. Finally, purse your lips to a cup of water and (this part takes some practice) simultaneously sip the water into your mouth while swallowing the microbeads. Repeat until packet is gone.
  2. On Food - Open the packet by tearing from the pre-cut notch and pour the microbeads onto your favorite food. We love stir them in yogurt, chia pudding, and pre-blended smoothies.

Remember, you don't want to bite, chew, or blend the microbeads. An intact microbead is flavorless but a crushed microbead is not! Also, we don't recommend pouring the microbeads into a glass of water. They sink to the bottom and stick to the sides.

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